Where in the World is Trevor Sumner?

The last 2 weeks have been a whirlwind tour in Los Angeles and London causing the longest post lapse in this blog. I know you all miss me terribly. I guess all I can recite is a quote that made me smile:

"Time is the thing that prevents everything from happening all at once. Lately, time hasn't been working."

My company is in an interesting state of transition with a new management team, and aggressive agenda, and I have recently been empowered to make some serious changes and build some cool technologies. And I have jumped right in.

Last night I pondered why I have poured so much of my heart and time into work. It isn't for the money, although I do hope that will come with time. And it isn't for the people because I have only just begun to build relationships with them, though that is an increasing part of it.

Instead, it's because I feel empowered to change this company and to produce new technologies that I can point to as mine. I am building a payment system that will process 10s of millions of dollars, designing a business information platform that will hopefully help define how media companies track their business in a new Internet world, and I am creating a YouTube like service that will be the basis of a content marketplace to come. And it is nucking futz how much has changed in a month and a half, for me and us.

And I wonder how much of this is me being a leader in search of a problem and an organization and how much of this is that there was a problem and organization in search of a leader. In the end, this is a question of fate and determinism, which I won't address now, but I do know this: I feel exhilirated about the opportunity ahead of me.