Thou Shalt Not Be a False God or a Mean One

Pat Robertson continues to give Christians a bad name, as if the Church needed more help. He announced this week that "God told him" there would be a terrorist attack possibly killing millions. I want more info. Was it a burning bush, Pat? Voices in your head? Someone needs to lock this guy up in a padded room. What's scary is that there are millions of people who believe his every word. I remember something in the 10 commandments about false idols and bearing false witness. How can I know the Bible better? Then again, I think there must have been a commandment about thou shalt not steal. The NY Times this week reported that 87% of Catholic churches reported embezzlement in the past 5 years. Holy petty larsony, Batman.

So Pat Robertson is an idiot. No new news there. And Catholic priests aren't so holy. Again, not the biggest revelation, just ask Sen. Foley. But the 10 commandments. When is the last time you looked at them? I read the piece on Wikipedia ( and I have to say, they sound a lot nicer in the simplified form than the actual scripture. The Exodus version is quite harsh, not exactly the God I was hoping for:

"I the Lord your God am a jealous God, punishing children for the iniquity of parents, to the third and the fourth generation of those who reject me."

Gotcha. No wonder why many religions don't have humility ( And if you don't like my take, I will strike you down, and your children, and your grandchildren, and your ... aww forget it. I am not that mean.

BTW, here is my favorite coverage of Wacky Pat: