I have been told at times that I am "larger than life," which always surprises me in consideration of all the amazing things I have yet to do or see. 

The world is a massive and wonderful place full of diverse experiences and cultures that should be explored and cherished.  I am as proud of my curiosity-driven explorations of the world as I am of professional accomplishments.  I have scuba dived in every continent including Antarctica, run Tough Mudders, head-butted sharks, caught a 600 lb Black Marlin, won basketball championships, prayed at some of the most sacred temples on earth, and I consider myself quite fortunate to have had such amazing opportunities.  All of these experiences are a testament to the amazing people around me.  What you will see below are some of my favorite adventures.   With more coming soon...


The World As I Have Experienced It ... Thus Far



Exploration of Cuba

Below is a photo montage of our trip to Cuba with two other fascinating couples.  Cuba is by far the most spectacular place I have been to in the Caribbean based on the people, their culture, their level of education and their history.   It's such a rich, vibrant society and at the same time so poor.   It is a snapshot of a country caught in a time warp from 50 years ago based on the economic embargo.  Truly a fascinating place at every turn.  


Scuba Diving in Antarctica

Below are some photos we took on a 2-week adventure into Antarctica which included boarding a Russian research vessel, sailing two days from Ushuaia, the southern most city in Argentina, across the most violent seas in the world.  Our excursions included several trips on zodiacs to land and at least two dives per day.   And maybe I jumped into the waters below the Arctic Circle in nothing but my skivvies.  Man that was a life-threatening cold like I have never felt in my life...