Independence and Gay Pride

Happy July 4th, everyone. Been a while since I blogged but there’s been plenty on my mind. With all the talk of independence on this day, my mind naturally wandered to the gay pride parade last weekend. What a show. Other than Halloween, I don’t know another day where so many take to the streets and challenge you. It’s kind of an odd comparison, but if you look at the pictures, the outfits were indeed a form of creative expression and a challenge of identity.

Whatever your feeling on gay rights, gay marriage, or even the morality of being gay, it’s impossible to deny the happiness of this day of pride in the eyes, smiles, hugs and celebratory gestures of all those who partook in it.

Growing up in Greenwich Village, I have been surrounded by homosexuality most of my life. You know, if an open 10% of the population can surround … As a result, I am much more sympathetic to their cause. The fact that they have a day of pride, only highlights that most days they combat shame. And it just reminds me of the hypocrisy of religious zealots, who seem to have taken the old testament lessons of intolerance from new testament readings. I am not sure how Republicans hijacked Jesus, but they sure don’t do a good job following his lessons of tolerance. How do you think he might greet and welcome a homosexual? I woudn't classify Christians as taking the Mary Magdeleine approach.

Lately, with the ideological collapse of the Republican party and the rise of jargonistic rhetoric, it seems that principles are used as oratorical tools rather than rules of guidance. You hear a lot about states rights in Supreme Court nominations and matters of political idealogy. But doesn’t it seem strange that the same people who vehemently defend state rights as a fundamental justification for banning abortion are the same people who are against states rights to declare gay marriage or pot legalization in another state? Same legal principle, just playing both sides of the argument as it suits your needs.

Particularly today, I think we should all take a look at what it means to be independent. What this day really celebrates. About taking a risk. Bucking the established dogma. Refusing to adhere to old rules. Declaring a higher level of freedom from what we know and maybe what we have ever seen. The rules at this point are perverse anyway.

What is the world we want to create for ourselves and for others? Embody the change you want to create in the world. Especially if that means being independent.