campaign finance

Obama Needs Your Help

So my last post was pretty funny, mostly for the ads that popped up.

Obama needs my help. Donate now to get healthcare reform passed.

Obama, here's a little hint. I donate twice a month to help you get helpful policies passed. It's in my paycheck and it's over 30% of everything I make. I hope that's friggin enough!

And this is the core problem. My vote no longer determines what policies are going to be passed because of the people I elect. Instead, my vote decides who will later collect my money when I "vote" for which policies I care about by sending in more money.

Democracy and capitalism are naturally at odds. Democracy is one man, one vote where in capitalism, money is power. Now we have this weird hybrid and we're voting for who gets the money that determines policy. It's all just a sham then that comes down to money.

Strange, sad and makes you apathetic, especially when even the supreme court isn't there to protect democracy. Who's left?