LocalVox Goes Big With a Company-Wide Ice Bucket Challenge for Made In NY Startups

Note: this was originally posted on LocalVox.com

At LocalVox, we tend to go big when rising to a challenge.   Whether it be making the complex world of local marketing simple, effective and affordable OR responding to a social media challenge.

The LocalVox team rose to the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge of President Trevor Sumner by doing a company-wide ice bucket challenge and challenging other Made in NY startups to step up and do a per head contribution on their behalf.  Here’s App Nexus CEO Brian O’Kelly.  Still waiting for Howard Lerman at Yext and Stuart Wall at SignPost.

Trevor has been personally affected by ALS, as one of his best college friends mother fell victim to the disease last year.   For those that don’t know, it’s a debilitating  and progressive nerve disease without any cure. The only known treatment extends life just 2-3 months.

Whatever your charity may be, we hope the spirit of the ice bucket challenge lives on and grows.  We think it’s important that humanity spend more time giving back.  The ice bucket challenge is simply a fun way to get involved in that spirit.

We hope you enjoyed it as much as we enjoyed doing it.