Create a Bold New World for Yourself

So much has happened, why I haven't I blogged? Maybe too overwhelmed with everything going on ... maybe blinded. When you come back from vacation, especially spectacular vacations, it makes you day dream. When you spend your days snorkeling with whale sharks, climbing famous mountains on camels, and touching biblical burning bushes, it makes you wonder why you spend so much of your time doing other things.

Money. Sure. Fame. Definitely. Pre-programmed desires that enforce a culture?

As I watch my European counterparts take 2 weeks of vacation at a time, several times a year, I wonder to myself, why do I live in the US? When you watch 47,000 people create collectively in a free environment that lacks any sense of money or self-promotion you might wonder whether your stock account is worth it.

I continually am reminded about Dan Pink's "A Whole New Mind." We all need to focus more on what we create to be truly happy. For me, I think I am going to start working on the cooking class I have wanted to teach for almost a year now and have made limited strides in putting together.

This is my line in the sand on procrastinating on my creation ...

If you don't hear more, call me out.