Feedback from my post on Why I Would Have an Eating Disorder if I Were a Woman pointed out two main things. First was how largely irrattional, sub-concious, and compulsive an eating disorder truly is. Perhaps I analysed too intellectually, and did not do a good enough job describing how deep a psychological disorder this is. Maybe it is less rational than I portrayed, although I had attempted to paint that the rational justification is just the first step in spreading the deep psychological roots. Layers, as per my previous posts.

The second piece of feedback was the prevalence of male eating disorders. This Washington Post article discusses a recent study confirming one quarter of cases of anorexia and bulimia are of men. And it appears on the rise.

I think both the irrational compulsion and male comments are highlighted by this quote from the article:

"Some men have suffered from all three. Among them is Matt Gaebel, 22, who was hospitalized for anorexia during his sophomore year at North Carolina State University after his weight plummeted from 155 to 106 pounds. Gabel, who is 6 feet 3 inches tall, said he subsequently developed bulimia to cope with the weight he gained during treatment for anorexia, then turned to binge eating out of concern that self-induced vomiting would ruin his teeth."

You almost want to laugh, if it weren't so sad ...