I Am Not Ready to Make Nice ... Speeches

I believe the Dixie Chicks did so well at the Grammy's in a large part because of the political statement they made and the sacrifices they endured. In the spotlight of the highest rated Grammy awards, the Dixie Chicks' win validated the importance of their messsage and their words just as quickly silenced that message into irrelevancy.

They were admittedly "speechless." Despite the $10,000s spent on dresses, jewelry, and make up, apparently they forgot arguably the most important part, what to do if they won. And as the Nelson-impersonating diva's snarky yell reverberated in the microphone, I laughed and then felt sorry for the helplessness that reminded me sadly of the Democratic party. In the triumphant moment, they simply had nothing to say. Perhaps they could have said:

This award means so much to us because of all we have endured because we dared to speak our minds on an issue which most Americans now agree with us. Through boycotts, record burning and death threats, we stand here to tell everyone that it is time to be more active not less, no matter what your position, and that it is time to listen and respect an open dialogue about the world we live in, shape, and sometimes destroy. We are not a nation of book or record burners. We are not embracing freedom by threatening the lives of those who speak against a popular view, either here or abroad. It humbles us to accept this award, because for us, this recognizes that we were not wrong to question or speak or mind, and perhaps our few words on stage, which became an arduous stand and a symbol, did more than shape the music world. Thank you.

But with all the opportunity, the Dixie Chicks didn't apparently consider what to do with the biggest microphone they would ever have. Where was the PR agent? Where were their hearts? Where is George Clooney when you need him? So sad ...