The Fat Free Burger King

In a time when fast food chains are changing their image to be healthier, Burger King just announced it's stacker, a triple decker mound of saturdated fat. Of course the reality is their "healthy options" aren't so healthy. Some of the McDonald's salads have more fat than their burgers. I can no longer tolerate fast food after the movie Super Size Me. Who wants to become walking foie grois?

However, I just ordered a burger from Paul's Place - fantastic greasy burgers. I asked for a side salad with fat free ranch.

"Nothing here is fat-free," the clerk on the other end of the phone replied in a snarky NY accent.
My own hypocrisy made me laugh. But it also made me love Paul's more. As a product marketer, it's nice to see someone honestly promote what they make, and honestly make what they promote.

For the best greasy burger in the East Village, go to Paul's place.

Free of worry, and thus truly fat free.

Paul's Place
131 2nd Ave
New York, NY 10003
(212) 529-3033